Tips You Won’t Find in the Nexus 10 Manual

Karl Ehr April 3, 2013

Google’s Nexus 10 is supposed to be an awesome device next to Apple’s iPad4. However, not everyone reads the manual before first use. Even if they do, there are some missing tips in the nexus 10 manual. This is one reason why some users can’t make the best out of this cool tablet. If you want to discover other features of the Nexus 10, here are some things you can do, which are not written in the manual.

Nexus 10 Features

Using the Device’s Camera – Since the nexus 10 manual don’t have any information on using the camera, here’s the procedure on how to use it. Under the “All Apps” folder, find the” Camera” app then drag the icon to one of your home screens. When using the rear camera, press the blue button to capture the image. You’ll hear a sound which means that you’ve taken a picture successfully. To use the front camera, press the circle right of the blue button and click the camera icon with arrows underneath. Wait until you see yourself on the display.

Nexus 10 Specs

Reviewing and Managing Your Photos – To review the images you’ve taken, just swipe the screen to the left. Swipe it back to the right to go back to the camera. You could view the pictures using the Gallery app. Tap ‘Grid view’ to switch it to ‘Filmstrip view’. To move from one photo to another, swipe the screen to the right. Swipe down to delete. To restore accidentally deleted pictures, touch ‘Undo’ in the lower-right hand corner. Take note, however, to do this quick as this option will no longer be available once you move on to the next photo.

Adjusting Screen Contrast/BrightnnessWhile the screen technology of the Nexus 10 is different to that of iPad or Galaxy S III, the only way to get the best contrast is not to set the brightness too high. Unless you’re using the tablet outside, just set the brightness to only 50% – 60%. You could also turn on its auto brightness mode with the help of Lux Auto Brightness app. This lets the tablet adjust the display brightness based on the outside environment.

Samsung Nexus 10 Specs

Charge Efficiently – If you want the battery of the Nexus 10 to last longer, recharge the device with the power off and let it charge overnight. This should provide you enough power for the entire day under normal use. Recharge the battery at least an hour preferably during lunchtime if you’re using the tablet more than the usual.

Nexus 10 Tips

Use Safe-Mode When Troubleshooting – If you run into some problems with the Nexus 10, the first thing that you want to do is to determine the cause. To do this, press-hold the power button until the tablet reboots. Then press-hold the volume up and down keys simultaneously until the words ‘Safe mode’ appears at the lower left corner of the screen. If the issue has been resolved in safe mode, reboot the tablet and remove any third-party apps that are causing the problem.

There are many more cool stuff that you do that are not included in the nexus 10 manual. Nonetheless, if you want to discover what other things that this tablet can do, go ahead and work around it. Just make sure that you won’t do any permanent damage to it.